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The Brigh Center Hotel Weihai is located in the most prosperous business center of the city, surrounded by shopping malls, shopping, dining, and convenient transportation. It is adjacent to the seaside park and tourist pier in the east, Huancuilou Park in the west, and People's Square in the city to the north. Scenic area-Liugong Island faces across the sea.

The hotel has complete hardware facilities, with more than 200 warm rooms (sets) of various types, 4 meeting rooms for 40-300 people, complete meeting facilities and rich reception experience. Hotel dining includes a variety of forms such as snacks, buffets, and western food. It has two well-known chain restaurant restaurants, including Four Seasons Buffet Parkway and Splendid Jiangnan Restaurant, and Xiawanna Fashion Restaurant, a perfect combination of Chinese and Western food. The gym is open to in-house guests and has a leisure area of nearly 100 square meters of fitness space and table tennis room. Highland Bay SPA has an elegant environment. Through essential oil aromatherapy massage, guests can relax in all aspects of body, mind and spirit, relieve work and travel fatigue. Xia Wanna Fashion Restaurant has a live band performance during the bar time. All guests at the hotel will be presented with drinks and refreshments, so that you can immerse yourself in the Caribbean sea and the beautiful singing voice for a day of exhaustion.

The staff of the hotel upholds the mission of 'creating a happy experience for customers', and is willing to take care of customer experience and feeling with smile, enthusiasm, and meticulous service, so that you can enjoy a pleasant leisure business trip in the beautiful coastal town.
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  • blue_elet
    Maximum of advantage is Hotel location good, around are is downtown of downtown, Granville high square, Lotte department store on in hotel of are opposite, next door is Hualian Mall, out walk 5, 6 minutes on to beach has, away from new relocation of Liu public Terminal 3.5 km, I is taxi to of, back along Beach walk back Hotel than taxi also convenient. second is hotel of service, daily will has fresh fruit and mineral water sent, also has 20 floor of coffee or cocktail package sent, see nightView good hotel breakfast also good Oh! service is featured in the hotel, from the security guard at the gate to waiters everyone was smiling? service, felt very comfortable! old room facilities need to be improved, specializing in style is a little corny.
  • Gavin999
    Overall good hotel services, eating is very convenient, breakfast is rich.
  • flower_elf
    Hotel facilities are very good, comfortable, just over 1936 water came out of the bathroom would be nice, good location, opposite Lotte department store, Granville high square.
  • corelogic
    Service unit, enthusiastic, comfortable
  • Amy.Wang0
    Well, well, next time you will choose this, everything was satisfactory, the special halls the waiter service was excellent! comfortable!
  • dxcmyc
    Weihai travel has been living at the hotel. good. it is worth recommending
  • m00328090
    Software service very rod of a hotel. rooms waiter Hou Fenglian, Yu Xiujuan not only normal of cleaning room, and found I wash has many clothes drying is not convenient, active sent to has Sun hanger, put I of clothes put in window has Sun of place,, I from into Hill back, found clothes has all are dry has. they to clean Shi found I mother pulled belly lying in bed Shang, immediately on sent to has patchouli upright water, mother eat Hou on diarrhea has. and catering service Jiang hua, Chen HuanTwo bit service also very of intimate. daily night Jiang hua will sent a fruit basin to, also has small snack to children Dang supper. mother body not comfortable, they also very heart, see I MOM didn't down eat breakfast, also specially sent has porridge surface until room. last day noon check out Qian, they also active call to asked need not need to we package points small snack convenient road eat does. Although, this of room no in Penglai live of China seal big, lobby also enough gorgeous style, butService of consciousness and attitude than China seal good Shang qianbaiwanbei, price also cheap, as tone four star hotel, I think hotel of human service conquered has I. has opportunities to Weihai also will live, and will recommended friends to. While, hotel of location very good, in Lotte department store are opposite, has underground channel can directly to Lotte department store and Lotte Martine (large supermarket), shopping traffic are is convenient, while away from weihaiwei building also is near, there has peace international hostels, participate inDay trips or tours tour is very convenient, you can also take the airport bus to the airport or Yantai Weihai airport.
  • bb350358566
  • e00619087
    Overall good location of the hotel is really good across the bustling shopping malls including Lotte officials, hotel staff were very friendly car older than it is willing to help guests with luggage
  • crystal0565
    Rooms can also be cleaner than average hotel
  • rj_jie
    Convenient, quiet, nice
  • e00987276
    Pretty good
  • bityuyu
    Very nice staying! there are free coffee, juice and enjoy! next time comes!
  • Gaolin321
    Hotels in the commercial center, the environment is good, the service is good, very good
  • dysbl
    Very good, clean and stylish with great love.
  • Cavims
    Business trip to Weihai, very nice hotel, very suitable to do live near the city center.
  • renwuets
    Very good, cost-effective
  • fencer
    Great hotel, recommend you stay.
  • friendlies-NINI
  • geajy
    Service quality is very good, breakfast very good, hotel environmental elegant intellectuality.
  • amyxiangsi
    Good good good good good
  • cjn_boby
  • goodday402
    Rooms very clean is the smell of smoke, in the center of downtown areas. dinner is easy.
  • a_aong
    Four family holiday, great location ... quite a short walk to the landmark Terminal. the next day to the fairy, hotels packages, are satisfied with the service.
  • elvamylove
    Good facilities, clean, continue to the next
  • bigtig
    Hotel is located in huancui district also that downtown, hotel main entrance face new Granville Road, Road East is Lotte department store and supermarket, downstairs is Hualian Mall and supermarket, West is Tsui floor scenic, North walk on can direct city, South and North the has a article night market Street, traffic, catering very convenience. Hotel door is bus station, distance Harbour Terminal and happiness door and other Beach Park can said walk that to. set of is business big bed room, housing within clean, facilities complete, room serviceMember Yu beautiful, Jiang Xuepeng very enthusiasm, daily are wrote Xia weather forecast and warm tips, see with has children also sent to bath put frame, check out Shi learned that we is since driving, also sent to fruit and bottled water with in road, is is intimate. scheduled room sent of double early also is is good of, type range but even eat days not enraptured, recommends can increased food type and update frequency. because is and Hualian Mall total with parking, hotel parking spaces tension some (especially holiday), butHotel of team management and service very in place, each a bit car tube member (especially monitor Liang Yongsheng and car tube Member SI WINS) are active help looking for, adjustment spaces, this for since driving came to a strange city of we, save has is big strength, saves many not necessary of trouble. days trip down, to hotel for Center, almost turned again has huancui district, high district, by district, many place, although years due to public to had, but the family since driving tour on Weihai this beautiful of seaCity have deeper feelings, prosperous and peaceful, it is like, I think, hotel offers warm services and also for wonderful trips add a graceful stroke.
    Located in the business district downtown, good service, clean, convenient
  • seafairy
    Hotel service was very good, easily around, was later designated hotels in Weihai, a perfect score
  • a261566583
    By the sea, walk the beach, convenient meal!
  • e00540836
    Very good of a hotel, although is Weihai first home five-star hotel, external facilities somewhat long, room also can of. locations absolute invincible, beach walk 5 minutes, room seaview, shopping convenient downstairs is cute of Lotte Oh. staying Shi no room, upgrade to has suite, room good big Ah, also has Massage Chair, fruit, big bathroom. service very good, breakfast also good, next to Weihai will live hotel.
  • Candy-day
    Are said guest Shandong, original no specific experience, this Weihai of line, does have this sense. hotel location perfect, opposite is two a big of shopping leisure center, room also can saw Tsui floor, walk to Beach also just 10 minutes around; hotel service is good, front two bit welcome Bin does thoughtful enthusiasm, remember one surname Yu, one surname King, personal feel Hotel boss should award they, they let guest real feel home away from home, lobby service attitude also is good, originallyStaying one night, because reason, especially service, stayed one more night ... was particularly moved, they were informed that the children have a cough, also prepared the PEAR soup, the careful and thoughtful. Have been to so many places, stayed in so many hotels, and baina are not best of hardware, but can be said to be the best! staff most helpful!
  • willmay2009
    Very good
  • burninglion
    Great location, very close to the Terminal, travel and it is also very convenient
  • angel_yj81
    Which is very nice
  • telebaby
    Comprehensive best hotels in Weihai
  • fay000
    Room was very clean, comfortable living. transportation is convenient, especially food and Beverage Manager services are particularly good, the next time you stay.
  • afenn
    Which is very nice
  • gaomo404
    Service was very good, room very meticulous, as if the Democratic People's Republic, room stewards were very thoughtful and forgot the name, sorry. There are controllers, called si-win, help with your luggage, and warmly introduced around meals, lodging, thanks! next time will again choose to Weihai baina hotel.
  • junesst
    This a sea view room, room was not good enough, 12/f, administration building, was little more than noise
  • fanfanfanf
    All right!
  • jiaoxf_nuaa
    Service is excellent value, makes people feel like you're back home, especially the front office supervisor and room attendants, very high quality recommend
  • sunnyst
    Very good location
  • mylingmengxin
    Hotel is located in the city center, location convenient, did not encounter the legendary upgrade, master of hospitality at the door when they leave helps call car
  • juejue
    Located very convenient location, the right is the Department store, Hualian, Lotte Shopping Center was opened across the street. trip to landmark Wharf is also only 10 minutes away on foot.
  • stanwliu
    As long as the Weihai decided to stay here, really great
  • dancingceiling
    Very nice hotel, rooms at many times, recommended if the price point is perfect.
  • bryan92117
    Hotel is located in the city centre, convenient, quiet, the room was clean, decorated and cozy than comparable hotels, great. waiters are warm,
  • POLO sent
    Good location and facilities is a little old, good service
  • carolxjs
    Weihai City Centre Hotel, rooms a bit small, others are also good
  • jilirion
    This Shandong 10th tour most satisfaction of hotel. service attitude very good, once upon a Taiwan, luggage Member, to restaurant, bar and rooms service personnel, are very enthusiasm, see I put wash had of clothes take in housing within, rooms service deliberately sent to a airing hanger, and help I put clothes hanging good. daily back room will clean of very clean, and sent Shang fresh fruit and cucumber mask, in elevator in the encountered staff, will kind greeting, enthusiasm help. so, we decided Xia backWeihai preferred is this hotel, very pleasant